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O180270 Recaro | 3510B352

  • Description |
    Complete shipset of Recaro 3510B economy class seats available for fast dispatching.

    We have a large stock of these seats, including the bulk-heads with the folding tray tables concealed inside the armrests.
    We also have 8 x double seats of the same model in case they are of use.

    The price is calculated for each triple seat assembly in “as removed” condition. It includes the built-in in-flight entertainment screens and the seat boxes that manage the power to the seats.

    All functions of the seats are intact and we can offer the seat belts free of charge that are normally sold separately.

    The price doesn’t include the delivery cost, however, we have competitive deals with many forwarders. We always look for the best deal.

    The seats are stored in Istanbul Turkey and as Turkey is a joint member of the European Customs Union, European companies will be able to import them to Europe without having to pay any import taxes.

    These seats are in “as removed” condition and they have a ‘non-incident’ report from the last airline.

    We can assist if re-certification is needed.

    For pricing pls fill in the contact form!

  • Aircraft Type |
    Boeing 777 Family
  • Seat Manufacturer | Recaro
  • Seat Model | 3510B352
  • Seat Type |
    Economy Class
  • Seat Condition |
    As Removed
  • Seat layout |
    9 abreast
  • Seat TSO |
    TSO-C127a 16G
  • Year of manufacturing |
  • Seat weight per Pax | 15 kg
  • IFE |
  • Recline |
  • Comfort |
  • Options available |
    IFE integration,Mockup,PC Power Integration
  • Available shipsets | 1
  • Passenger places | 259
  • Lead time | 5 days
  • Location |

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