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aviationgate.com is powered by aviationscouts GmbH, which is represented by CEO and founder Thomas Bulirsch aviationscouts GmbH operates a successful trading agency for the aviation industry as well. With over 20 years of expertise in buying and selling aircraft interiors, aviationscouts is offering a one-stop-shop for interior requirements. More info on www.aviationscouts.com. 

aviationgate.com: A revolutionary marketplace for aircraft interiors
While the rest of the aviation industry business has been digitalized in many ways, up to now there has not been a sophisticated platform where traders could search for, buy and sell aircraft interiors online. Buyers looking for products and related services have to contact different sources around the globe in different time zones. Sellers are constantly looking for new opportunities to promote their products on a worldwide basis. Since owners do not have the marketing tools to promote their products internationally, a substantial proportion of the existing stock on the market remains invisible.

To cope with the growing industry, sellers and buyers need an efficient platform.
Based on well-established growth rates, the number of aircraft will double in the next 15 years. Due to this, there will also be a growing demand for surplus interiors. More and more airlines will be looking for reasonably priced aircraft interiors with short lead times, for example, by using refurbished stock from different sellers. In an increasingly challenging environment, more efficiency is definitely what most sellers and buyers are looking for.

Introducing aviationgate.com: the right idea at the right time
Thus, it is no exaggeration to say that aviationgate.com “will revolutionize the way you search for, buy and sell aircraft interiors” as one of the two founders Thomas Bulirsch likes to put it. “Our clients will save valuable time and money. With sophisticated database technology, it is easier than ever to search internationally for the exact products you need or to offer interiors stock for sale.” Partner and co-founder Dimitrios Tsirangelos points out: “Sellers from all around the world can upload their stock by following a simple step-by-step process on the website”, he adds. “Products can be placed from anywhere at anytime: All you need is an Internet connection. Offers and RFQs can be managed via a user-friendly dashboard and their status can be checked at a glance.

24-hour worldwide coverage, no monthly fees and everything at a glance
Buyers benefit by searching for the exact products they need. They can simply choose their desired product category and add the aircraft type, model, condition or any other requirement they might have. Different categories, such as seats or galleys, allow for quick navigation.
By comparing different offers from different places, it is easier than ever to see what’s on the market and receive interior solutions that fit the requirements. Buyers can also post their special requests to a digital noticeboard. Registration is free of charge and there is no commission for buyers. The commission for sellers is only triggered when the product is sold via aviationgate.com.

The experienced aviationgate-team checks every offer carefully
To guarantee high quality listings, the experienced aviationgate-team checks every submitted offer carefully within one working day. The offer is only released and announced to worldwide buyers after it has been confirmed. The aviationgate-team consists of specialists in aircraft interiors, IFE systems and connectivity that have been working for over 20 years in this field and have built a successful team over several years.

Refurbishment and promotional services supported by a global network
To provide even more convenience, the aviationgate-team is already planning to add more services. These will include consulting, financial, refurbishment and certification services. Products and services will be frequently promoted in specifically created campaigns or via direct mailings sent to numerous premium contacts.

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