Why us?
We are Cabin Experts

We overhaul seats and make them like new!
Based on the client's requirements we can change dress covers and cushions, do deep cleaning and IRAN (inspect & repair as necessary).
This is what we do for all kinds of airlines on all continents in our shop in the heart of Germany.

Storage & Logistics

over 4,500 m2 storage capacity, incoming inspection, payment per month per tax, packaging and shipping

Seat Overhaul

experienced FAA and EASA Part-145 partners for modification, clean and tag, refurbishment


Part-21J partners for IFE removals or integration, dresscover changes, approved LOPAs

End of Life

cannibalizing & spare part sales,
re-cycling / up-cycling of aircraft 
seats & accessoirs
outlet and private sales
at https://www.b2l.group

While re-cycling seats we are filling an import gap in the market and also providing you a green product. We make surplus seats more competitive by offering you project based, innovative solutions which are not only industry approved but have also been successfully implemented in the market.

Our stock

  • more than 12,000 PAX of different seat models in stock
  • we also offer storage and consignment packages per passenger place per month
  • handling and insurance is included
  • storage in a dry, safe and clean enviroment
  • up to 10000 sqm storage capacity


We work with experienced EASA Part 21J partners who are specialized on:

  • minor modifications, STCs
  • CMM supplements
  • flammability, static and dynamic testing
  • IFE & PC power removals and integrations
  • cushion and dress cover changes
  • approved LOPAs
  • smart repairs and painting

Seat maintenance

  • our project management team provides turnkey solutions
  • premium sourcing tools and preferred access to spare parts and documentation
  • full infrastructure for 4 narrow body shipsets at the same time
  • dry ice cleaning technology
  • „on-site“ EASA Part 145 partner
  • smart repairs and painting

End of Life

  • Cannibalizing & spare part sales
  • Re-/ up-cycling of aircraft seats & accessoirs
  • Bag to Life at www.bag-to-life.com
  • Outlet and private sales
  • Mockups for Air cabin simulators
  • Movie studios
  • smart repairs and painting
30,000 PAX sold


seat models available for sale online


shipsets in stock worldwide


storage seat overhaul logistics end of life

24/7 access+

24 hours response time


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